Lia Carminati

Team Leader

  • Company:Be Live In Realty

Lia Carminati

Team Leader

Agent: Lia Carminati, Team Leader at Be Live In Group


– Contractor and co-owner of LC Painting & Construction
– Licensed Real Estate Agent
– Hard Money Lender with Crowd Lending Inc.
– Realtor specialized in dealing with investors in real estate.
– Former CEO of MG group inside of Century 21 North East.
– Team leader of BELIVEIN inside of Century 21 North East.


– Juris Doctor in Brazil, Universidade Federal do Pará
– MBA in business law
– Professional Associations
– The member associated with
– GBAR Global Committee Member 2023
– Certified International Property Specialist
– The member associated with MLS
– The member associated with BBB

Personal Information

Mother of a beautiful daughter and wife of Lourenco Carminati, General Contractor and Developer.
As an attorney in Brazil, Lia Carminati has gathered experience to negotiate and advocate as a fiduciary for her clients.

As an entrepreneur, Lia Carminati started a business of construction with her husband, a business that has become very successful and gave her experience with real estate investments. As a Hard Money Lender with Crowd Lending can assist other investors to implement their projects with success.

The best real estate investments start with finding the best real estate agent specialized in dealing in real estate for investment purposes – either flip, fix and flip or long-term investing, like buy & hold.
As a Realtor, is a member of GBAR Global Committee Member 2023, with Certification as International Property Specialist and Team Lider of Be Live In Team inside Century 21 North East, one of the biggest Brokerage in Real Estate inside the C21 Corporation.

As a communicator, is a columnist on a very well known News Paper within the Brazilian Community, “Brazilian Times”. The goal is to use the power of social media and network to educate her audience about the real estate market and investment in Real Estate and give them confidence about the right time to buy, sell or invest.